Tuesday, January 4, 2011

winging it

Are there any other mom's that love when school starts back?  I love getting back on a schedule.  I get a little more time alone, a little more time with my little man.   This picture is like a highlights "what's wrong with this picture."

I am almost finished with my group of quilts.  I've been plowing away just getting these blocks finished.  I did not follow a pattern and I sorta winged it as I went.  How appropriate is it that it's a Hooty Hoot quilt?  

I think it's pretty and will look awesome when quilted.  It did grow from a crib size to a twin or lap size quilt.  So I have to do some adjustments  like the absence of backing fabric...

In other news i did sell a quilt.  Hopefully when I finish this last one i will buy a few showcases on etsy.  I believe i will relax for awhile after that.

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