Tuesday, January 11, 2011

winter blahs

unfinished quilt backing
Has anyone else had the winter blahs this week?  It snowed here but just a little bit.  When it snows I really like for it to disrupt everything.  I want to be stuck in my house and snuggle with my babies.

I think we are all getting sick.  I had some trouble breathing yesterday and had to lie down because when i have anything in my lungs I get freaked out and scared and think I'm dying.  When I get gas I get that way too.  There's always of praying and asking for forgiveness every chili night lol.  Getting older kinda bites in that way.  I can't eat spicy stuff like i used to and i love spicy.

Also- I did my zumba workout yesterday and apparently when they shake their boobies I need to calm down.  These boobies probably need to tak'er easy.  I pulled something and was coughing and having asthma.  What a sickly girl I am--But I'll plow through the pain and phantom heart attacks if it means that one day i won't be such a wimp.

I'm still making my backing for my quilt and I'm not a fan...it's alittle awkward looking right now.  When it's finished I hope it will be worthy of selling if not I may keep the thing.  It's really cute to me.  But it's very thrown together.  For instance when I was sewing the blocks i sewed another 1/4 inch line and cut between them so i have 4 HST blocks.  So i sewed all those together with some other stuff and well that's all on the back.

I have other stuff going on this week.  My oldest son turns 6 on Friday.  Nobody has RSVP'd to his party.  It may be a bad thing if nobody shows up.  Should I have invited 22 kids to a party that is 11 bucks a piece?  ugh.  I had to be a member of the church i wanted to reserve.  Which brings up another think I feel bad about.

We also have a big decision coming up that I need prayers about.  I am meeting with my son's school to decide if we want to move him up a grade level.  The teachers are on board for this, but the counselor brought up some issues about some behavior things.  It's a hard decision BUT there are cons to both sides.  I have to decide which ones we would rather deal with.  It does help that the boy is a big guy.  He makes mistakes and acts like he's in kindergarten sometimes.  Thinking they don't want to even test him cause it takes money i suppose.  If we test him and he's a kindergartner well so be it i would be fine with that...but i do know whatever we do i don't want to change it around during the year next year...it's gotta be decided before school starts.

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  1. I'm impressed that you sold a quilt on etsy. I'm intimidated by that idea, but maybe one of these days...