Monday, November 29, 2010

Finished Quilts and listed in the shop

Just a quick update.  I finished the two lap/baby sized quilts I've been working on.  They are both listed in the shop.  If you want to buy them you can email me with any other offers.  I think we forget sometimes that these people need help listing things.  I am either giving myself too much credit or not enough!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

any way you slice it quilt

take 1
take 2

This is the quilt made with Riley Blake All Star 2. I came up with this block using my new quilt design wizard program. I wish i had the EQ but I was cheap. It's helped me see outside my norm. While I can't be totally experimental with the program it's a great starting point. This block is a double 4 patch. I arranged it so many times on my design board and it really made little difference. I'm super excited to quilt this one only I'm debating white thread or brown. The backing is brown. I typically like the thread to not show up too much on the back but by doing that it would really show up on the front. Should be getting rick rack tomorrow thinking of just putting it on the boarder on this one or not at seems to really be a busy quilt!
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sweet Divinity Quilt done

Well I finished a little quilt this weekend and it is so cute.  If i had a baby girl or knew someone that had one i would love this quilt.  I'm thrilled how this turned out and the pattern is a keeper I think. 
I tried a new quilting design and i really liked this one.  I seem to have a little shoulder blade pain but other than that it was super fast to make.\

As soon as rick rack is hand sewn on, i will be listing it in the shop.

Friday, November 19, 2010

sweet baby

I'm actually talking about this quilt. I started it yesterday and I'm already to the quilting stage. This size is so much fun.

I love this little quilt. I was toying with the idea of lace but I really like the ric rac trim on this quilt. there is one block that has the selvedge. I didn't notice it till i was finished. I think I will put some ric rac there.

Riley Blake has some velvet ric rack that i think will be so cute. This is just a spare piece of Wrights Brand rick rack that I had in my stash.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

sneaky peeks

I have a sad lonely "etsy" store. It won't be sad for long, hopefully i will have some new quilts in there shortly. I've ordered these bundles and lets say that pictures don't do them justice at all!

I love Riley Blake Fabric. Everything is so cute and their lines are so fast moving! I had my eye on several lines a few months ago now they are gone. It's crazy. They replace them with even cuter stuff though.  All are Riley Blake lines except the 1 Moda set.

1.  All Star II is a beautiful Brown and green and teal colorway. Very boyish I love it.

2.  Moda Bliss is so beautiful with it's aqua, pink and red and even some dark brown and khaki/stone in the medallion print.

3.  Hooty Hoot is the cutest thing I've seen in awhile. It's so masculine but fun! They have other colorways that you could make it less boyish I think. Very cute stuff.

4.  Sweet Divinity is very innocent and feminine and fun.

5.  Love Birds is the last set.  it's beautiful with magenta, pink, aqua, and lime.

I ordered all these sets from Fabric Shoppe.  I have more fabric ordered and batting to get started and of course I have to develop my patterns that are unique to me.  I see so many quilt patterns but these have to be my creations.

I've got to finish my youngest son's quilt before I get started on these crib quilts.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

make life /spider quilt

My son wanted a "spider" quilt not a "spiderman" quilt.  I had the quilt already planned when he said this so I planned on getting spiderman material for the backing.  I know good and well that he will forget his obsession for spiders and I want this quilt to be something he takes to college and maybe one day give to his kids.

I appliqued the spider on the back of the quilt and tried to quilt a was sorta harder than i expected.  I wanted to finish it faster so the web is there but the spider is still building it...and yes it's sorta invisible..JUST LIKE A REAL WEB!!