Thursday, January 20, 2011

brown and blue owl quilt...or dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dash dash

I finished hand tacking the backing on the owl quilt.  It was for sure an example of hanging in there till the finish.  Have any of you looked at a quilt or any project and thought  "oh no, it's not looking like i hoped it would or I'm not so sure about this pattern."  That's this quilt.  There are so many half finished tops i have in my material tubs.  I'm thinking that anything looks better quilted as opposed to laying in there all lifeless and ugly.  I could donate the finished product.

This quilt was just going to be ours and unlisted if i thought it was too terrible.  Once I finished quilting it though, it became both cute and masculine!  The owls certainly make it for younger boys but the brown and quilting really made it quite manly (if i do say so myself).  

I did not have enough fabric for two extra dots but thought "you know this whole quilt is a practice in improv--something i am not comfortable with all the time.

In other news we all are sick with something...The boys just have colds and i am having tummy issues.  plan on laying on the couch and watching some movies in awhile.  Yay for snow days if it just means an extra day to get better!

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  1. I know what you mean about starting projects and them not turning out quite like you'd imagine, but this quilt is CUTE! Good thing you stuck it through to the finish! Hope you are feeling better soon...:)