Monday, January 24, 2011


I finally got to send the oldest back to school today.  He had a birthday a week ago so he had a lot of new toys to play with and money to spend.  I gave him a Wii points card.  It was nice because on the wii there are titles that you cannot find at a store and that's one last game to scratch.  He likes to go into the wii shop and download all the demos.  We found one called "Max and the Magic Marker"  --love it.  Max is a poorly drawn kids doodle that is on a n adventure.  When he crosses over water you draw a bridge with your remote (magic marker)  and it falls and makes a bridge.  It's very fun for him.  The coolest thing about My child is that he loves Legos.  He has been a reader since 3 and quickly learned how to follow the instructions on the lego booklet. He gets that from me.  I love to put anything together following directions.  This little Lego Log Cabin is a 3 in one so there are directions for 3 different styles of cabins.  He had a blast all weekend.  I hardly saw him.  He never came out of his room to ask to play a game or watch something.  It was great.

On the quilting front...not much going on except a lot of embroidery.

And in my store I've listed all my quilts that I've made so far.  I sold one on Saturday to my friend from my quilt guild.  I was about to reduce the listings when i typed in "Riley Blake All Star 2" in the Handmade search.  Nothing of mine came up and there were only like 5 things.  So Here's a tip for anyone selling on Etsy that I learned last night.  Tag your items with Handmade, or vintage, or supplies or whatever you are selling because if not Nobody can find it without you giving a link.  Hopefully I will get these last three sold and move on. I have some purse and handbag patterns and will start making those one day.  I will alter the patterns so I can sell legally of course.   


  1. Okay, my clever friend. You're going to have to enlighten me -- what is this Wii shop and Wii points you speak of? The boy got a Wii for Christmas and we have a small handful of games -- Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars, Super Mario Bros., Madden Football, and Wii Sports. But the more creative learning games like you described sound really great. Tell me how to find these...:)

  2. at the very beginning on the wii menu there should be a "wii shop channel" that's pretty much where it is. you can buy some wii points at wallmart 19.99 for 2000 pts. each game is about 1000 pts.

  3. oh and it's my son that figures all this out! he's so tech savvy....