Monday, January 31, 2011

it's in the bag...

 I am sewing a bag for myself this weekend while i wait for some fabric/batting to arrive to make a really cool quilt.  i have some quilt tops i need to baste and get ready i suppose but i wanted a little break.  Over at Sew Mamma Sew they have a great free tutorial for the Amy Butler Blossom bag.

It took me a few days to get to this point.  you know that point where the bag isn't fun to sew...things aren't flat but begin to be 3 dimensional and at some point you see yourself hand sewing the thing.  I'm using Peltex for the first time as the stabilizer and when i pin things i have to push harder than normal...I've left some blood on this bag in a couple of least it's mine lol.

I've also had some rashy things with my youngest son.  Not sure that it shows up in this picture but his cheeks were so red and lacy and wow when he played outside and got hot it got really bright.  It was 5ths disease and not contagious but--Cut to sitting in "Braums"  for lunch and having several people giving us looks cause wow the rash was scary bright.

We had our meeting with the principal and teachers and psychologist and counselor at my oldest son's school.  We moved him up a grade starting today instead of waiting for next year.  It's a much less scary scenario.  Second grade from kindergarten scared me and apparently it scared them too.  They aren't used to having this problem in their school...Usually it's the other way around and I'm pretty sure we will have to move the youngest in the other direction (or not).  My oldest son has needed this move for a few years.  When he was 3-he needed preschool.  I remember calling several times asking if their was a way to put him in pre-K early.  "no-no we can't do that."  He was very young emotionally that's true But I've been waiting for  a teacher/principal someone to Notice "this kid needs more"  and luckily his teachers saw this.  Learning wise he has always moved very fast. Yes when he's in high school it might pose a problem but maybe not.  I have a family member that if he would have been moved ahead he would have gone really far in school, instead he was bored and started getting into trouble.  The other side was a few friends/classmates who where moved up and quite successfully.  Both are doctors.  I'm not saying that my son will be a doctor, but if there is a push for no child left behind it should also go the other way and should change to "no child told not to go ahead."  I always encourage learning no matter how much he already knows.  Last year my husband and I sent workbooks with our son so he could have something to do.  We sent 2nd grade workbooks and he did them but what fun is that?  I could home school if that was the case!  It seems like schools are prepared for having kids be behind but very ill-prepared for a child to be ahead.  Luckily I found that in his current school and I am so thankful.  When he is engaged and learning he is such a good polite boy.  I'm really excited about this.

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  1. I think you did a great thing for him by moving him up! And thank God the school is paying attention and doing what's right for HIM not just letting him slip through. Boys, especially need to be engaged most of the time or they do start getting in trouble!

    And the bag is turing out cute! I've used that fabric LOTS in the last few months.