Friday, January 21, 2011

Mommy Time

At Life with Lebeda's blog she is doing a mommy madness blog hop and the question was "how do you escape the madness?"

I sew that much is true.  This week my husband took off work.  After he woke up I knew there was a huge sale at the fabric store.  99 cent patterns, interfacings for 50 cents come on.  That and my hair has been aweful for a very long time.  I haven't had a hair cut in a year.  I think the last real cut was my mom cutting it.  After that I have cut at it.  Telling that to the lady that cut my hair she said "i will kill you."  She cut my hair all off but says "you need to have your hair dried if you want a good cut" --then offers to flat iron it.  Okay I will never think a hair dresser is just being nice EVER again.  The flat iron (where she really burned my head at one moment) was more than the hair cut...Lesson learned.  My husband (aka the money police) really got pissy with me over that.  However what could I do if it already happened and I just realized it when she tells me my hair cut was 34 bucks?  Getting my glasses adjusted was my other activity.  When my oldest is in school it's still not fun to leave with the little monkey.  He can only sit in a shopping cart so long before he starts escaping.  Last week at Sams the lady at the checkout says "you can run over to customer service and get a temp card"  we were at the checkout line and were already buying our stuff.  Eli jumps out of the cart and yells "okay"  running all the way to the outdoor playset area he talked about playing on the entire time we were there.  Luckily the lady behind us let us use her membership.  This is what I get for believing my husband when he says "yeah it's a free weekend at sams club."

I get out every few weeks with my girlfriends.  We met in a mommy group a long time ago.  We like to scrapbook and drink or eat and see chick flicks.  We are all trying to work out and diet so lately out outings involve jogging or walking.

I think the most important escape needs my husband.  We become a more unified happy family when we BOTH go out.  My husband takes a back seat alot to my kids.  I do too.  When he walks in the door he hugs and loves on the boys more readily than me.  And the same with me.  My affections are so readily available to my kids but to him sometimes i'm guarded if we haven't had much one on one time.  I'm not sure if that makes sense at all.

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  1. Your Moms group sound like lots of fun! I love to scrapbook with friends. Sounds like you've got lots of great things.
    I used to do hair and it sounds kinda funny that she wanted you to flat iron your hair to cut it? Strange. And thats terrible she burnt your hair. :(
    I so didn't know they had temp cards at sams! I want to go but not ready to fork out the money to be a member again.

    Thanks for joining us for Mommy Madness!! I'm following back. For some reason my picture isn't showing up today so i'm the one without the face. :( but i'm there! :D