Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I couldn't find my quilting gloves the other day so i moved on to piecing...I have 5 quilts now that I have to quilt...but I'm having wrist issues.  The first quilt is one I'm making for my oldest.  I used 4 charm packs and 2 yards from the "Make Life"  line.  The blue matches his eyes.  He says he wants a spider back to it..not spiderman, a spider in a web.  So I have some extra charms for some spiders...ummm stay tuned.

I made a dress for my neice Riley.  I have 4 buckets of girl material given to me and this is something I had to make or i wouldn't have enough material.

This is my current piecing project.  I am using 4 charm packs of the Moda Punctuation line.  I did buy an extra yard and the alphabet panel and the border yardage (not enough of it though arrgghh!!!)  so i will be adding another charm pack and a border panel to the outside..this is a very scrappy looking thing...hopefully after quilting it will be is busy for sure!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

green monster

this is all im doing...for a few hours here and there.... till my arms and shoulders start to hurt then im putting it away...

this isn't very fun..i don't like king sized projects...thinking it will be minimally quilted.  I am only doing the flowers on the green squares and the centers..then i think i will do a meander in a circle and join each circle...then i will be done...i hope anyway wow what a monster