Monday, February 7, 2011

wheels and being stranded

Since Mother nature has intervened in my life we have been hibernating.  We got around 16 inches and it was fun the first it's enough.  It's like summer vacation EXCEPT the inability to leave the house or send my boys outside without a crazy amount of clothing/covering.  All outings end with crying over hands that are too cold.  We are Oklahomans we don't make a priority of buying snow boots and snow gear!  Oh and did you notice my yard stick?  That's what happens when you have little boys.  You will be sewing away and one runs in and grabs the stick and starts playing swords.  This always ends in a broken yard stick.  I'm cheap though and just tape it back.

I did make a small quilt in my spare time using Riley Blake Wheels.  This is the quilt I would have made my youngest son if i was a quilter when he was born.  Can you believe that???  he's 3 and a half and i just finished my first quilt when he was a baby.  As it is it will be a nice cuddle quilt and decoration for my living room .  I had some tension problems with this quilting design.  I used a pattern in my "Mindful Meandering"  book.  I like it but i couldn't get into a rhythm and it didn't look very even and pretty in my opinion.  With a long arm quilter and perhaps turned upside down where you could see the pattern perhaps.

How good does that look???

I am also tackling my scrap stash.  Anything ugly or less than a yard I am slashing .  Making things manageable, that's what this does.  I am cutting all scraps into 10", 5"  and 2.5" strips.  After I'm done I will sort into color groups and either sew up some scrap quilts or donate the scraps to the quilting guild in town that makes charity quilts.

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  1. Cute Riley Blake quilt! I just used some Riley Blake to make a baby girl quilt. I'll have to post it when I'm done. And I'm muy impressed with your scrap slashing. Oh, do I ever need to do something like that. But it would take FOREVER.