Friday, April 29, 2011


When I ordered some Little Folks Voile I didn't really understand that IT ISN'T COTTON.  I had to adjust the tension for my machine.  I really loved the colors of this line and loved the dark purple and grey colors.  I also like the yellow variation but after sewing I held off buying it.

 I have kept something on my wall since I sewed it.  I am a little too busty for this tunic I sewed around my birthday.    I may need to find a really good minimizer and wear a black tank and just wear it.  I have another one already cut out.  I think I will sew a 3/8" seam.  This is a very cute and easy tunic though.  I want to make it in stretch not quilting cotton.  You can find the pattern here.  This is view E.

I know it's so funky and bright,   Not sure if I feel confident enough to wear it.  Flashbacks of being the first person to wear palazzo pants in Jr. high flash in my mind.  I was made fun of SO bad.  The next year all the girls were wearing them. I learned a valuable lesson that day.  Oklahoma is 1-2 years behind on everything.  (Pearl Jam obsession was a big case in point).  I imagine they have sped up these days.

The other day my son pointed to a field in my home town and said "when I grow up I'm gonna buy this land and live here"  I told him "son, I lived here and well it was kinda boring."  He said "well mom, now they have --you know electronics."

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