Monday, April 11, 2011


i splurged and spent all my quilt money on one item i've been wanting for awhile. a big roll of batting...i'm tired to buying and cutting coupons and ordering the cheapest package of batting...this will last me ages...especially if i use that handy dandy fusible tape to join two pieces together. 40 yards...of fun...of fluffy quilting if i can just finish up and get going enjoying the roll of quilting lol...

I have two very sweet little girls in my family that will be turning 1 soon. I have been planning on their birthdays for awhile now. Yes I'm alittle girl crazy it's only to get it out of my system. Along with a special video I have made each of them a couple of pinafores with some frilly diapers.

Seriously at what age do frilly big bottom areas go out of style??? I'm sure it's the same as a bustle. When will that trend circulate again? Cause I could totally swing that with no modifications.


  1. Oh, I keep thinking about buying the big roll. I haven't heard of fusible tape. I just zig zag layers together. I'm so glad that I started doing that. I've saved a lot recently just by putting larger sraps together.

  2. Oh these are just so cute!! I need to make some for my grand daughters!! and I love the giant roll of batting :)!!