Monday, April 25, 2011

Bear with me

I keep changing my Blog title.  The main reason is that I see a blog all the time with the same name or a similar name.  Good grief there are alot of quilters who are moms.  I see alot of ladies with alot of finished quilts on their blogs...I am the queen of juggling 20 projects in the air at once, so I'm not sure if I will be that successful blogging about my unfinished stacks.

Right now I have a stack of crap to do.  I am quilting a bed sized quilt right now and to keep from having to be bedridden for weeks I have to take it slow.  I've found that when doing a large quilt if you have just blocks...doing a motif quilt design and then quilting the sashing is a great way to do a big quilt on a small machine.  I want to finish this soon so I can move on to other projects.  I have several quilt tops to quilt.

I'm still having a blast making these flowers.  This is the loopy flower with two different kinds of centers and leaves.  I've decided I need a glue gun and some felt...thinking it would be easier to glue to a headband or a barrette or pin.

I had a great birthday it was like the 7 days of birthday because my husband ordered things from Amazon and I got a package every day.  My mom and dad gave me part of their give in two weekends.  It was great.  I got this great quilt book.  I love American Jane so it was a good.  I definitely want to try this quilt on the front.

My other projects are coming along fine.  (my boys).  We are having some problems with fighting.  My oldest is punching my youngest and hushing him.  It's disconcerting.  I want to jump in and rescue him or find an older kid to make my oldest learn how it feels to be treated so badly.  The thing is my youngest son LOVES the oldest so much so that he loves him WHILE he is being punched.  It makes me so sad.  When he takes up for himself is the day we should all fear because while peanut is sweet and funny when he gets mad afraid.

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