Friday, April 1, 2011

slacking in some respects....

I think i quilt to avoid the real world.  I've always done this.  Developed a hobby and just kept at it and wear myself out almost.  All these times are because i feel troubled about something.

I learned to play the guitar at 15 to get over  a boy that rejected me.  LoL -I know that's funny but I swore I only loved him because i fell for his guitar playing and singing.  I remember he played "More than Words"  and needed someone to sing harmony (which i have done since 6 lol) and he chose "Becky."

Then I painted windows and glass.  It was like stained glass only paint.  They still sell it I think.  I then started making stained glass and stepping stones.  All through College I played guitar and serenaded myself...and painted...through alot of loneliness/heartache.

Quilting has been a different thing all together.  I show love to other people by making them quilts.  In some ways I want to learn things that I brushed aside as silly when i was on a "career path."

Quilting for me is like arts and crafts for mentally ill people-- a necessity.  However I get on the Learning high that doing it does for me and i can't think of anything else.  But I am on a quest to be a more dynamic person and in that respect I hope to not have a Whole lot of quilts done --not to the extent that i have been any way.  I hope to not be online all the time either.

I have other grandma pursuits.  We will be putting our garden out soon (89ers day)  which falls on Easter this year!!!  aaaacckkk!  We expanded the garden and will be figuring out a watering/drainage system soon.  Last year we did a carpet garden.  You basically throw the carpet on the  dirt around the plants.  Canning is another big one this year.  I hope i have tomatoes this year cause I have my grandma's pressure cooker!  We are becoming quite famous in the family for our salt pickles/candied jalapenos and green tomato pickles.

And the last big deal is my weight...again.  I was working out and doing spark people but I'm amazed at how $9/week makes you really work hard and stick to a plan.  I'm on the second week of weight watchers --technically.  I'm loving it.  I have about 65lbs to lose.  I've already lost around 30 or so...and i keep just going back and forth and back and forth.  My craftiness added to alittle social anxiety you might see how this may relate to being overweight...

I turn 35 in two weeks.  I have to get healthy now.  So im doing the ww thing and also training for a 5 k again...only taking it easy and's ok if i walk the 5 k.

OK here's the latest's the little sister to the funky Brady bunch i made a few months ago.  It's for a little girl named harmony.  She has Ewing's Sarcoma...she just got over leukemia.  She is the same age as my oldest son so I've been thinking about her alot.

I've been debating in my head what i want to do for a job next year and my youngest will be 4 and i still want that one more chance to get a little girl...and then i see kids getting sick.  In one week a lady at my mops revealed in a meeting that her son is very sick and they think it's genetic.  He's 6 months old and still tiny like a newborn and won't gain weight.  Then harmony's diagnosis, then a friend had a baby and he has hypo plastic left heart syndrome.  I then more kid, just one more?  I am so so so so so blessed to have two very healthy little boys.  This world isn't permanent and anyone that acts like it is hasn't had the rug pulled out from under them.  We all are guilty of this mindset.  I see my reminder every time I see my dad (who had a stroke and can't walk).

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  1. This quilt is just beautiful Lisa, and I love the way you think... sewing keeps me sane for absolute sure! I found it later in life and it is my therapy :)!! I have four kids (all grown now) and I remember thinking about the exact same issues that you are thinking about, it is so hard when we see others with sick children... I really am enjoying your blog, and your honesty.. you are inspiring!
    Hugs to you!
    Jen xo