Friday, April 15, 2011

um...i need to start saving up...again

I'm a fabric junkie....but i actually had an idea for an appliqued quilt using my son's old plaid shirts and this kind of truck.  Actually I was thinking a 1970 Ford Pickup truck.  But I would settle for this.  It's called Pooches and Pickups by Laurie Wisbrun and it comes out at the end of the month.  Seriously....Seriously cute.

I met with my TMQG girls on Tuesday and learned how to make 4 patch posey blocks.  I had to hit the Daffodil Dash and buy some fabric to make a quilt.  I love bright prints with black so I was psyched to find this cute print from Alexander Henry Fabrics.  Plus I had to buy replacement blades and new scissors.  

I've been teaching myself to crochet and have been very successful with it.  I love making little flowers.  I will be posting pictures of those soon.  I was just thinking about how I always buy t-shirts with embroidery or little trims on them.  Anyway I know a lot knitters and a lot of people who love to knit.  Well I bought the needles and tried...I'm a pro at casting on...i can't knit to save my life however.  I will try again...and again...but crochet is so much more relaxing and FASTER.  In my opinion.

Lots of things hitting at once.  The end of year field trips and plays for my 1st grader, birthdays and holidays for the family.  I negotiated my birthday this year.  I usually drive home and have my mom cook me my favorite meal and we have a birthday dinner for me.  HOWEVER--  I am coming down for Easter and then the next weekend I am coming down for a family picnic with the in-laws.  considering it takes a full tank to go there and back and a fill up is $50.00, and I have to plant my garden sometime in the next three weeks my mom and dad is coming up to help.  My mom loves to plant but has to do the whole yard at her house by herself.  We are big pickle makers here at our house so our pickle production is beginning and my awesome handy husband built me a trellis.  We saw the plan in our favorite magazine Mother Earth News.  I told him I needed chickens.  I just found out this week that we could have them in our city limits.  I'm thinking if I gave some eggs to the neighbors they would be okay with some chickens.  I really was born in the wrong era.

I'm also sewing a lot...I have started quilting the Lake Star burst Quilt.  I also decided to make myself some blouses out of material I've had forever.  (How appropriate that I was sewing a shirt with fabric called "hot Flash" on my birthday?)

And last week I made 8 pairs of jams for my boys.

This is the only picture i got of my favorite ones made out of a cute cute Hawaiian fabric.  Maxine's fabric has been an awesome blessing.  I'm amazed at all the fabric I have.  I need to find a friend that has NO fabric and give them some of mine though.

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