Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I'm really so tired today.  We've been going full blast this week at Vacation Bible School, not to mention the children's museum.  One thing I created this week?  Iron on transferred t-shirts.  We bought the transfers at Wall E World and the very cheap shirts that go along with it.  Man, how easy? 

So I will be making shirts for family reunion.  My great Grandmother's name was Charity Wright Willis, so i will be playing with her first name.  Perhaps her picture and the saying Charity starts at home...i dunno...I'm still brainstorming.  More on that later.

Seeing and teaching other kids at VBS and then seeing my boys reinforces so many values and reasons I had in staying home.  They are awesome boys.  Several people at my mom's church has said so to me.  Just awesome. 

Last night i had a song request.  Chunk asked if I wanted background music and then started strumming his necklace.  The boy needs a guitar. 

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