Monday, June 6, 2011

doing too much with my hands...

carpal tunnel...

My arms are getting tired. Returning from vacation brought some awesome things.

But as with most things in life the good things are always accompanied by bad things.  You may think these rows look great but i worked so hard on these rows right before we left.  The pepper picture is ridiculous with weeds.  Whats worse We have record heat in June.
It's crazy because it was May and I came back home to August!  I worked all day Saturday cleaning up my tomatoes.  I told my friends at church that I worked in the garden 5 hours on Saturday.  Later DH tells me "you didn't work for 5 hours."  He was watching a show on the computer the whole time i was outside,  so i had to remind him that i started at 9 and ended at 2 to eat lunch.  He did come out and help me with the cages though.  5 hours and this is all I accomplished.

I have many projects in the air right now.  I am quilting my Kyoto 4-patch poesy.  It's okay.  I wish i had just stippled it instead of doing a center fill on each block.  It's going slow...and I'm not too happy with it BUT  I don't want to rip all of it out either.  I hope that when I'm done I can do a nice border to help it along.  I wanted to try something new with this quilt but sometimes a simple stippling is so nice.

I also started English paper piecing on vacation.  it has gone fast.  I have quite a few more scraps to piece and then i need to find some solid white or brown or something to do the outside rings.  i may just do a portion and then put aside hoping for more awesome scraps.  I have some really cute fat quarter bundles I splurged on over at Fabric Worm.

But I'm starting to love crochet as much as quilting lately.  This activity makes my arms sore too.  I have tried knitting but it's not as fun as these little flowers.  I will be adding this to my shop soon I just need to finish it out and maybe add a stamen or something.

And in between all this I have two very busy boys that are hungry all the time.  I told them we could get a dog after vacation but I'm scared the dog will eat my garden and everything else.  With the way they are so hungry all the time I may be getting pet chickens and a pet cow.  We will be doing alot of movies and splashpads and swim lessons.

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