Wednesday, June 1, 2011

when handmade should be avoided like the plague

I just came back from Branson.  Yes there were some cute things...I really admire the handmade items especially the woodwork.  But I walked into the "handmade Quilts" shops several times only to hear the owner brag about how their quilts are handmade and that other store gets theirs from overseas and are mass produced etc.  All the store owners are saying it.  These quilts were all the cheapest batting, the cheapest material (maybe cotton).  A few washings and they would bunch and look eh.  the quilting looked like yarn and it was done in straight lines with a machine, not sure if it was a sewing machine or hand stiched honestly.  So here I am with my small etsy store churning out high quality quilts and nobody is buying.  I saw some empty booth space...might have to move.

However they HAVE to skimp on materials and labor if they are selling quilts like I think they are.  Quilting is not a moneymaking venture.  If it was I would a millionaire and not from my quilts but i would have inherited it!

I did make a really cute hat over my vacation.  A free pattern when i went into Michael's to get a crochet hook (i accidentally forgot to pack it).  --the horror.

I made this hat for my beautiful niece.  It was so fun and super easy but I got confused by the pattern.  You start with the bottom so i stopped in doubt and tried a different way, finally I decided just to follow the pattern blindly.  I only had one size hook and it might have been too small.  I will definitely be making this hat again it was so easy and I think it was adorable.

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