Friday, July 1, 2011

frying on the vines

I haven't had a chance to get caught up for many reasons.  We were out of town and wouldn't you know when I come back my A/C broke.  Apparently they never flushed the lines from the condenser to the unit (yeah I'm making that up totally).  So we left for my mom's again.  I got home and had to clean and get the house back to messy , er normal.  I went to pick some vegetables in my garden and through the abundant weed crop I picked several cucumbers and tomatoes.  Our watering system isn't so great.  Green beans were white and wilted, tomatoes are black on the bottoms and the cucumbers are terrible.  I have to figure out something else.  I think we are not soaking at the root level and this is hurting the plants.

I'm still trudging along quilting my 4 patch posy.  It has reinforced how much of a rut i am in in quilting.  I  need to get a walking foot that works.  My straight line quilting has to be done with my free motion foot or I will have creases...bad.  So the straight lines are only wobbly and sorta straight---which is fine for me...i hope they are fine for the people i have made quilts for.  I've never heard "you know, those lines were awfully crooked."

I finished my first afghan, placed it on my couch, and then left for a few more days.  In that time my husband must have laid on the couch and turned or flopped or SOMETHING, because it looks like I have to repair one of the blocks.  I'm a little irritated.  Oh and see that couch??  Don't expect ANYTHING to look nice after two boys.  I'm just saying.  One cushion has a sharpie on it.  If you do get a couch get the kind with the cushions that you can flip.  It makes a nice change of pace.  "Honey -should i flip the cushions to the stain or the marker?"

I have two new additions to speak of.  I ordered two new books.

Love Love Love, them!  Also I have a new machine and have purchased some knit fabric.   I gotta love  With these knits I can whip out some interview/professional blouses and dresses in no time especially with my new Janome Serger.

I only played with it the other day.  After I got all my spools installed I started going and wow ...super fast.  I learned that I need a lint/thread catcher really fast so I made it and just set my serger on top of it.

I hope to finish the 4 patch soon and get started on other projects.... One to include a quick quilt made with Moda Hideaway.  I grabbed some charm packs a few months ago.  How cute was this fabric line?  I don't think I heard much on it or saw alot of examples but I think it's darling.  The Gingham check fabric looks so cute with all the swiss"y" fabrics.

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