Thursday, June 2, 2011


We went really crazy eating in Branson. I have been wishy washy with my weight watchers. Well I went to the store today and bought a ton of good for you food. This is my dinner. I may not even eat it all but i thought it was beautiful. I've been making a veggie tray every week and it's been great to just get some fresh veggies. I made some tabbouleh when i came home from shopping. It was ready by dinnertime.

We had two wonderful dinners in Branson. The first one is Dana's . We had the best burger here. After spending $40 at Denny's we were very happy here. We actually saw some BBQ nachos and had to come back and try them. They were awesome.

The second great place to eat in Branson was Florentina's. We walked in thinking oh they might be owned by Zio's. They were better. The kid's pizza was huge! The next time we go we will order that for the boys to share. My husband loved his food and seriously the lasagna was the best I ever had. I usually don't order Lasagna though. There was so much food we had it again a day later, so it's a great place to share an entree or if you are like us go the first day and you can have leftovers. Service was fast enough it could be better but it wasn't the waitress's fault. She had at least 8-10 tables this night. They offer whole wheat and gluten free pasta in any of their pasta dishes too.

As good as that food was though I felt blugh afterwards.  I just ate this meal and finished with some grapes.  I'm full, satisfied and feel so much better.

I'm also starting my Apple Cider Vinegar drinking today.  They say it helps sinus infections.  I have one every two to three weeks.  I do not want to take antibiotics every month though.  I have to work in my garden soon and I'm dreading the flare up. Showering immediately and changing clothes might help though.
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