Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Anticipation is making me wait...keeping me waay ya ya ya yating...

I've been waiting on my fabric.  I have so much to many quilts to make....but i am waiting on UPS/USPS etc.  while I'm waiting I finally finished my little girl quilt.  It's really pretty and soft.  The backing was so forgiving!  I had to go in and sew my little girls on better and the back you can't even see the seams.

All i can say about my upcoming quilts is "i can't believe i'm being paid to make these beauties!"  I love both fabric lines so much.  All I can hope is that i have a few squares left over when all is said and done.


  1. ooh, those fabrics are making me drool! and i love love love that girl quilt. once upon a time i had a sunbonnet sue quilt at my grandma's house, but i'm not sure it survived. i need to make one at some point.

  2. i have a book you can borrow valerie...they are super cute and bring back lots of memories for me for sure.