Wednesday, July 13, 2011

flight of ideas

Here's the BIG question.  When is someone seriously creative and when are they crazy?  Since leaving my job over 6 years ago and actually starting when my oldest child was 15 months old and I discovered "me time,"  I have been creating.  It increases when I have something on my mind.  I work through some things.  I mourn and worry about something when I am extra creative.  I go though phases.  Guitar playing is something I do when I am lonely and looking for love...i know this after 8.5 years of marriage.  I have very dusty guitars and mandolins all over the house, under beds and in closets.    I have learned that you can't have an organized house if you don't have an organized mind.  To prove this, here are just SOME of my projects going at once.  I also have a big to-do list that just gets lost, one of which is applying for my alternative certification and actually going to OSU-Tulsa and talk to a counselor.  Or getting my resume together for job interviews in the fall.

Two granny squares that I love...i need to make more and do something with..

Hideaway charm quilt...need to piece the back and sandwich.

All Star quilt, sandwiched and ready to be quilted.

my patterns and my knit make work clothes.

This is a little crazy even for me...A Hawaiian Quilt block.  

Pineapple Doily in the making...only need 3 more rounds.

My to be made pile of fabrics...

Wow...I still have several scrappy quilts to be made...that are in all honesty UGLY.

I might be a tad bi-polar ...that's all I'm saying...

courtesy of mommypeace@flickr.  
I get compared to my Great-Grandma alot by my family.  They will say "the Charity Willis gene is strong."  They don't know how very right they are.

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