Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I am still here and making little projects.  School ended and I had to think about a few things.  I did not like how my family life was reacting to my full time student status.  I also was very troubled that I was getting a Masters degree in a field that suffers job cuts, and low salary while paying 6.8% interest.  My youngest son is having alot of emotional problems, mainly anger.  I definitely lean towards the expressive, passionate side of the anger spectrum and my husband does too.  My little guy has alot of problems when the adrenaline is pumping.  Fight or Flight for him.  So we are working on that at home and will be contacting professionals to insure his future in public schools.  He is my most creative child and his imagination can't be beat.

I finished a few long term projects last month.  The first of which is my zig zag afghan.  Gosh I love this thing. I will be making another one because the yarn is the softest while keeping a firmness that is really nice.  It's called "Impeccable" from Michael's.  I only wish they made a pink in that brand.
I finished using all my hexagons that I paper pieced.  This was pretty fun to do.  I sewed all these flowers onto broadcloth using a small blanket stitch on the machine.  The few blocks I hand sewed had problems shifting when I quilted.  I really liked how the back looked when I finished.  This quilted ended up really crinkly when I washed it.  It now hangs in my sewing room.
Some Lazy Angle Star Blocks for my blue eyed boy.

What would my life be without another crafty project?  I found these quilt blocks in Branson and had to make them.  

I have found the project for my Reunion Fat Quarter bundle.  I have been eyeing these Swoon Blocks forever.  I love how they all look so I am trying my hand at it.  I am not using white and opted for the the tea stained instead. I'm having alot of fun.  Each block is 24" so I will have a King sized quilt when I am done with my 12 blocks.  What kind of summer sewing are you all doing?
I had a whole bucket list planned but my oldest son wanted to go to summer school.  What?  yes...he loves school.  He gets to have a real fake job, earn fake money, pay fake taxes, spend money at different businesses.  He loves it so far.  He was a quality inspector then a cashier.  He's having a blast.  We are waking up early to take him to the bus, but he gets breakfast and lunch at school which is nice for me.  There has been a vast decrease in fights too.  There's a little boy that was my youngest son's friend and they have been playing alot together.  No matter how bad my son behaves I have to remember...All 4 year olds act pretty much the same way.  So when you see a woman with a 4 year old don't be too hard on her.

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    I thought you might be interested to hear that I have published my first novel! I've put up a post on To Love, Honor, and Dismay with a description. Hope all is well with you :o)