Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm still here!

I always think there are seasons to your life and there are definitely seasons to creativity.  I've been stagnate for awhile.  Its seemed like the stress of school and being a mommy of 4 year old and 7 year old boys took top honor.  Not to mention a work a holic husband.

I also was trying to make money by making quilts and crocheting.  I love to make quilts and crochet but the fun goes out the window once you start sewing and making things with a deadline.  I find that most people want to pay what a fair market price would be compared to mass produced items that can have a low price point.  So when people ask if I sell quilts I say no.  If you really really want one I will consider it, but know that I am not going to scrimp on my time and materials to make it affordable.  My husband called me yesterday asking me to send some pictures of my quilts and that someone might want me to make a quilt.  At first I said no, then I said yes, but gave my price.  I quilt these things myself and to send it off to a quilter is over 200 bucks.  You gotta think about those things.

So we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary last week and we were very daring when eating out.  We had never tried Korean food or Cuban food and ate both.  We went a little crazy in IKEA.  They had some really cute house sets that said "my house in 730 square feet."  I told DH that I would have loved that place when I was a kid and would probably dream of living in one of those sets.  I definitely want to go back when I get rid of our massive sleigh bed, chest and nightstand.  I loved the duvet sets and the bedspreads.  We came home with two LACK tables.  They are made of corrugated cardboard for the most part so they are lightweight but are so strong.  When we redo my youngest son's room I will use one as a Lego table.  I have to glue a Lego plate to some wood though...

We tried some Cuban food for lunch after IKEA.  It was pretty good stuff, lots of lime juice, plantains and beans and rice.  Right outside the restaurant, There was a sewing and vacuum store.  I went inside to ask about foot pedals and then found this machine. 
It was a crazy impulse buy for sure.  I have always loved how quiet Janome machines are and this one is too.  I also love my acu-feed foot.  I just finished my son's bed-sized quilt and used the even feed foot for most of it.  It was so easy on my shoulders.  I was very happy. 

This was my latest quilt that I finished.  I bought this fabric on the sale rack at Jo-Ann's.  It made a very bright and cheery 4-patch posey.  I like to make other types of quilts I swear.  It seems that I always find good fabric for these though.  It's a nice mindless type of piecing and sewing with a lot of chain piecing.  I should have more quilts to post soon but need to find a good outdoor place to take pictures since I have a crazy Lab that ruined my usual picture setting. 

We've come along way as a family this year and that's another reason I have extra time to post.  My oldest son is doing great in the third grade.  We had  more adjustments for the 2nd grade with him being a year younger than everyone else.  He is really enjoying boy scouts and loves to read still.  The youngest had emotional problems last year and hated school.  I really think he wasn't ready for pre-K last year and wish I had kept him home.  We split up the boys into separate rooms over the summer and it was amazing how different the youngest became.  He woke up happy and ready to go.  He for the most part loves school and has two best friends that he loves.  Last summer I was trying to get him into counselling because when he misbehaved and got angry, the teachers at school said it wasn't normal.  Mommy started researching and revamped our discipline system.  I used to scold them when they tattled on each other, now I encourage it.  I have two kids that like to handle conflict physically.  I really had to work on myself and how I show anger too.  Consistency works for these kids for sure. 

Hopefully I will find a good place to photograph quilts and have more pictures for you soon.  

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