Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New projects= spring break + rain

  I love these fabrics.  I have a throw on my couch and it always makes me happy when I cover up with it.  I have two honeybuns and decided to make this pattern with it.  I paired the honeybuns with a cream solid fabric.  It should be funky and fun when I'm done with it.  Now that spring break is over it's sitting in nice neat piles next to my machine.
 Finished crib quilt.  I really liked these fabrics from Birch.  So cute and androgynous.  A good quilt for girls or boys.
 I turned out these pillow covers for my couch.  I love orange and I loved these riley blake fabrics from all the quilts I have made with them.  They make me happy.
I made a quilt with these Ann Marie Horner line in Voile.  I made a simple pillow cover with them.  They don't match my house.  

We are busy busy once again.  Boys are both in soccer, I have tons of school.  Why am I taking 3 summer classes?  Cause I want to be finished by Spring of 2014! 

We are also remodeling our house alittle bit.  We figure with the houses in our neighborhood that we are stuck for awhile.  We have a big yard, love the school and the fact that we are next to a park and a basketball court.  If we just make our current house more liveable for us we can stay.  The boys need their own rooms.  We are getting bids on concrete right now.  My father in law will build the cabinets and shelves for us too.  Its stressful in the meantime. 

This weather is crazy nice.  It feels like June in March.  It's hard to concentrate on school and work, I want to go on vacation!  I packed up all my winter clothes.  I sure hope it doesn't turn cold I will have to go dive into my storage bins. 

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