Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Facebook diet

These last few weeks I've wanted to not log in to facebook.  But my grandfather was in the hospice and we were waiting for him to pass away.  Everyone texts....everyone but me.  If i had my druthers we would write letters.  But I would find out about my grandfather's passing 1 week later because the man on the horse would have to ride 120 miles.  But what is it about facebook that makes people spill their guts, or comment in snide ways or overreact?  A lot of it is this imaginary wall that people think they have by saying things on facebook that they would never say in person.  After they say something terrible they say "just sayin."  Really you weren't being silent?  The younger the person on fb, the more outrageous their opinions are.  I have to say I remember those days, my parents thought I was a communist.  Back then I was very liberal and very mouthy.   But now I am on the other spectrum, but still see when people are talking "out of their youth."  It reminds me of the things I said about mothering before I was a mother.  I was a social worker with children and i would give a family advice and they would ask "how old are your kids"  --imagine the door closing ...NOW..

I get a kick out of people my parent's age on facebook.  They post a comment to their friend in their status.  Everyone reads  "that's great I love you too."  or worse when it's very personal information.

Facebook is this generation's attempt at community.  Something we have lost.  The next time you want to say what you are doing, how about getting on the telephone or better yet walk to your neighbor and share a meal or visit at the fence line.  I love my neighbors.  It's become a great thing for my kids and my family.  During the Ice storm our neighbors saved us and our neighbor across the street.  We all shared a generator plug.  I do live far from my family and have found great comfort in writing and reading from my 81 year old grandmother on facebook.  I also use it to "show" my mom and dad things and the boys.  so yes It's alittle hypocrytical at this point.   I would much rather get a phone call.  This is going to be a part of my Facebook diet.  I will be gathering phone numbers soon of all the people I want to talk to.  So be warned :)

So my advice  "turn off the computer" and "go meet some people"   learn appropriate social behavior.  If you see a friend how likely are you to slam  someone just to see how many "likes"  you get?  You will not learn how to treat others on Facebook.  Teach your kids to have friends in real life.

I haven't updated in awhile.  I cleaned up my craft space and started some blocks for the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along.  It's super fun.  I think i will buy some charm packs because these squares are all 6" finished...seriously could do it with a few charm packs.  Right now it looks clashy but i hope with the 90 more blocks it'll be nice and varied.

I'm making a tunic/dress to wear.  I want to get some tall black boots to wear with this.  I'm not sure if this look is flattering to me.  We'll see...

I'm working on the trim on the sleeves right now I hope i can finish before I leave my sewing machine.

Most surprising of all my crafts this month is this beautiful Tiffany Lamp that I started when I was pregnant with Logan.  It seems like a lifetime ago that I cut this glass.  I'm thankful to my beautiful creative cousin Shanda for finishing the job and taking over all my projects that were in my mind.  I am so an idea person who loses her gumption.  I need to work on that.  Quilting seems to fit into my life better than shards of glass though.

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