Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ruby Flannel Blanket

I'm making a very sweet alternative to a quilt made out of flannel fabrics from Moda Ruby.  The tutorial was in  the August issue of Quilt magazine.  I've wanted to try this ever since.  It looks very cathedral window-like when finished.  I made this blanket in an afternoon.  

I bought 5 1/2 yards of flannel for this blanket.  I would suggest much more fabric.  Then I made a template out of  cardboard.  My circle was alittle smaller than the 10" circles in the magazine.  Using a ten inch circle would be great for a flannel layer cake.  I made mine 9 inches.  Sew two circles together right sides facing using a 1/4 " seam allowance.  Using sharp scissors cut a slit close to the seam of the right side or side you want showing of the circle.  Turn and press all your circles.  

I made a template with my leftover cardboard of a 5 inch square or any other size that allows enough scallop on each side of the circle so that you can turn the edges and they don't overlap.  

 VERY IMPORTANT:  position your circles so the slits are under the scallop turn.
 See my fingers?  I'm showing you the aqua circle that has the's covered by the grey scallop.
 Press your finished blanket scallops down and then sew them in place.
 I've finished a few rows here.  I used my free motion foot to sew these down.
This blanket isn't completely finished.  I need to turn it backwards and hand sew the holes...there were some weird piecing issues but overall it's super cute and not too thick like flannel gets when layered with batting.

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