Thursday, September 8, 2011

F"Ahhhhh"ll (FALL)

It seems like everyone is SO excited about Fall.  I am one of those people especially when I look at my garden plot and feel so sad about what could have been.  Nothing grew and we put a lot of effort into that thing.  Okra is growing now because it survived the heat.  But it's the spiny tough kind.

I have been making a lot of the sock monkey hats.  I really should wash my kid's face.  This child always looks dirty, even 5 minutes after a bath.  He's also my accident prone one.  It's because he makes sudden fast movements at the same time that we open a door, walk around or are standing still.  He jumped up last week and collided with my temple and glasses and ear.  I'm still recovering.  Anyway the sock monkey hat was supposed to be OSU colors but the lighter orange just looked gold when all was said and done.  Luckily those are our town's colors so we are keeping it for the boys.  There's always spirit days at school.  I love these hats cause you can pick your child out of the crowd.  I'm not sure what crowd he would be in but I'm hopeful it will come in handy.

This is my latest venture.  It's taking FOREVER!  It's not knitting with needles it's knitting with a crochet hook.  They call it the Knook.  I thought it was the B&N reader, but's just a crochet hook with a thread through it.  It's pretty mindless and fun with the ombre yarn.  Hopefully this will be a scarf for me.  Then I will make a stockenette scarf.

These guys are proving to be more work for me during the day.  They are escape artists.  I was quilting yesterday and had knocks on the door from my neighbor saying they were in her yard.  Today I had to put up chicken wire in several spots.  They will be too big to get out.  They are too big to carry (for me) now.

I've been working on my Amy Butler Lattice Quilt.  It should be done soon.  I finished Meander quilting the blocks now I just need to quilt the borders and then sew on the binding.  I will probably hand sew it.

I will be glad to get this last commission in the owner's hands and finish up some UFO's and start on my stash alittle.

I made this top with the Lazy Girl Lazy Angle.  I love it.   I don't love the quilt though.  I was trying a certain pattern and after piecing it realized I screwed up.  I may just take it apart and piece it a different way.  If anyone has suggestions I am all ears.  I may bring it to guild to see what I need to do.

I hope everyone enjoys the cooler temperatures and aren't caught in any wildfires or floods.  It has been a trying year for people.  

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  1. I love that not only do you have quilting skillz, you have sock monkey hat skillz! Those are awesome! I wish I could whip something up like that. For now I do not have any skillz of the crocheting or knitting variety...;)