Friday, November 12, 2010

sneaky peeks

I have a sad lonely "etsy" store. It won't be sad for long, hopefully i will have some new quilts in there shortly. I've ordered these bundles and lets say that pictures don't do them justice at all!

I love Riley Blake Fabric. Everything is so cute and their lines are so fast moving! I had my eye on several lines a few months ago now they are gone. It's crazy. They replace them with even cuter stuff though.  All are Riley Blake lines except the 1 Moda set.

1.  All Star II is a beautiful Brown and green and teal colorway. Very boyish I love it.

2.  Moda Bliss is so beautiful with it's aqua, pink and red and even some dark brown and khaki/stone in the medallion print.

3.  Hooty Hoot is the cutest thing I've seen in awhile. It's so masculine but fun! They have other colorways that you could make it less boyish I think. Very cute stuff.

4.  Sweet Divinity is very innocent and feminine and fun.

5.  Love Birds is the last set.  it's beautiful with magenta, pink, aqua, and lime.

I ordered all these sets from Fabric Shoppe.  I have more fabric ordered and batting to get started and of course I have to develop my patterns that are unique to me.  I see so many quilt patterns but these have to be my creations.

I've got to finish my youngest son's quilt before I get started on these crib quilts.

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