Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I got some goodies this week. I really fell in love with Puctuation. There's a Black Colorway in the pack that i think will look so cute. Since the quilt I made Logan has numbers i thought i would make Eli's letters. Of course after i bought the charms i saw that they also sell alphabet panels...so i may be purchasing one of those as well. Im making 2 full size quilts, one for each boy. In the meantime I have alot of quilting to do. I have 3 sandwiches ready and waiting. I have a little lap quilt that i pieced the other day and decided I wanted a paisley flower type thing. None of my quilts are crazy creative lately. I start making it and they end up looking the same and sorta old fashioned. I am working within my means. For instance this quilt cost nothing extra. I had all the stuff to finish these except the batting. I used a soft sheet for the backing and binding on the one im working with.
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