Sunday, August 15, 2010


I've been revamping things on my blog and decided I wasn't comfortable having all my personal pictures/feelings etc that I used to have on the blog one and the same with my quilts, fabric etc. 

I know I know.  I just have alot of emotion dear diary stuff on that one and thought wow I used to really expose myself!  So I have a vent blog now and a quilt/craft diversion blog.

I am currently working on a pinwheel quilt for my aunt.  Not much in the way of modern quilting.  I did get a new book called Stackable Curves.  It was an interesting concept.  You make a simple block then cut a curve on two blocks and then sew together.  It really made it look cool. 

We've been super busy and not alot of quilting time.  I'll try to carve out some time today do for the tedious pressing and trimming of hst's. 

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