Friday, October 29, 2010

starting something and finishing it

I am the queen of incompletion.  Is that a word?  In an effort to finish things before I start them I am stuck in the quilting mode...I've been quilting several quilts and that's all I'll be doing for along time.  I finished the green monster quilt.  I have 4 quilt tops to quilt now.  I feel no inspiration to do it.

I inherited several sawtooth star quilt blocks from the dear lady that passed away leaving a crazy amount of material that I in turn inherited.  If I had wanted I could have taken several complete quilt sandwiches that she was ripping the messed up quilting stiches out of.  But I did get tons of quilt blocks.  I added a few to it and now I have a full sized quilt that is very pretty and not typically something i would make.

I started quilting this quilt and forgot that once you start a quilt design you must stick with it for every block in that quilt.  So in turn it's taking me alot longer than i like to quilt this quilt that I didn't even piece!

I basically started from each corner and quilted down into the center of each star and added feathers or leaves (whatever they ended up looking like ha).

there it shows up alot more there...  it's not perfect but all together it looks pretty good!

Right now I'm stiching in the ditch down each border i may quilt circles in the small navy squares.


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