Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I couldn't find my quilting gloves the other day so i moved on to piecing...I have 5 quilts now that I have to quilt...but I'm having wrist issues.  The first quilt is one I'm making for my oldest.  I used 4 charm packs and 2 yards from the "Make Life"  line.  The blue matches his eyes.  He says he wants a spider back to it..not spiderman, a spider in a web.  So I have some extra charms for some spiders...ummm stay tuned.

I made a dress for my neice Riley.  I have 4 buckets of girl material given to me and this is something I had to make or i wouldn't have enough material.

This is my current piecing project.  I am using 4 charm packs of the Moda Punctuation line.  I did buy an extra yard and the alphabet panel and the border yardage (not enough of it though arrgghh!!!)  so i will be adding another charm pack and a border panel to the outside..this is a very scrappy looking thing...hopefully after quilting it will be is busy for sure!

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